Street Tree Benefits

The North by Northwest Neighborhood Initiative has planted roughly 300 street trees to date and completed a street tree GPS inventory of the 1200 trees total within our target neighborhoods. We still have a long way to go needing between 300-400 more trees to create completely tree lined neighborhoods.

Living on a tree-lined street raises the value of the homes on that street. Trees slow down cars by psychologically confining the drivers, trees can protect pedestrians from those cars, trees provide shade which cools the street, cars, sidewalks and eventually houses. Have you ever heard of Heat Islanding? Maybe not but have you noticed that it’s 10 degrees hotter here than out in the country? That’s the streets, houses and sidewalks radiating back that heat. Trees create air, absorb stormwater runoff etc.etc.etc.

In short, trees are good for the neighborhood. Insert research links here.

Insert Tree Inventory jpgs here.

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