3rd Ave./Broad St. Gateway Enhancement

Route 378 provides several “gateways” to Bethlehem. If you are coming North, you can come off on Main Street, if you are coming South from Route 22, you are likely to either use 8th Avenue or 3rd Avenue. Most likely 3rd Avenue to get to the Northside Downtown.

Bethlehem’s North by Northwest Neighborhood Initiative has been working with PennDot and URDC to prepare engineering plans and approvals for a “gateway enhancement project” involving new Acorn Style streetlights and trees along 3rd Avenue up to West Broad Street and East on W. Broad Street to 1st Avenue. This plan may also include some back-in angle parking as well as the already installed parking on the Route 378 span and Broad Street Bridge.

We are awaiting one final clearance document from PennDot and we hope to bid it out shortly after getting that final approval. The new lights and trees will provide more light at the pedestrian level and more shade immediately as much of this section is without tree cover. For drivers entering Bethlehem’s downtown via this route, it will bring them in via a tree-lined, well lit street.

Funding was provided by PennDot and CDBG money was used as well. Lehigh County assisted with a grant towards the planning and engineering process and another grant towards the improvements.

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