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Clean team strikes again November 19th at 9am

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Have some free time on the 19th for a couple of hours in the morning? Bring some gloves and help us clean up 1st Avenue along Route 378. Alot of trash from 378 is in this area and it needs to go. Come join our clean team and if we get enough volunteers, we can branch out and clean up down off of Spring Street and Route 378 from the bridge back towards the 3rd Avenue on-ramp. Look at it the next time you drive by. It’s a mess and needs a good cleanup.

Semi-Annual Electronics Collection

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Got an old TV taking up space? How about a computer, printer or air conditioner? Well, get it out and get ready to take it to Bethlehem Memorial Pool Parking Lot on Illick’s Mill Road on Friday October 28 or Saturday October 29 from 9am to 3pm. There is a small fee that varies by item for disposal. Check the recycling website for fees.

Graffiti – DRR Document, Report Remove

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

If graffiti or tagging strikes your property, the key to discouraging more graffiti and tagging is to document it by taking a picture of it, reporting it to the police and removing it as soon as humanly possible.

It’s important that you get the photo and location of the graffiti or tag to the police for several reasons. If it’s a tag that is in 100 places around town and they catch the kid, it’s 100 offenses and can lead to a much stiffer penalty including jail time. Also, in case it’s gang related it’s important to get that info in so the gang task force knows about it.

If you are trying to clean brick or concrete block, I recommend Elephant Snot. It is something you paint on with a brush while wearing gloves and eye protection and then wait 15 minutes and power wash off. It is effective in removing graffiti as you can see on the wall below just after powerwashing. This company makes a range of products for different surfaces. I have used the wipes before on hard plastic and stop signs and they are also effective.

Getting rid of it as fast as possible is the key. The tag on the wall of the above photo was removed within hours of being tagged by the property owner, probably before the kid even came back to show it off.

The City removes graffiti on public property like stop signs, and in the parks. They do not automatically remove graffiti on private property.

Godzilla Destroys Dreamscape Comics

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Get down to Dreamscape Comics on West Broad Street at 2nd Avenue quick! Godzilla is coming. Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Dreamscape rocks the comic book scene in Bethlehem. Go check it out!

Animal Vaccine Clinic

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

City Water Main Damaged

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Update: Water Safe, Boil Advisory Cancelled.

Yesterday (April 13th), a critical transmission main in the City’s system was damaged during construction. That section of the main was taken out of service and repairs are underway. However, due to the depth of the line and the type of line, it is a very tedious process to get repaired. Until we expose the line, we will not know specifics or be able to assess the damage. We expect to know more by early afternoon today about the repair. Meanwhile, this has created a hydraulic challenge on parts of our system that we are diligently working on to correct. If you are currently without water you will need to boil the water for one minute once service is restored.


For more information about this public notice visit the city website at We will be sending another message when the problem is corrected and your water is safe to drink.

Cleanup time! March 19th and April 16th

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Update: Cleanup postponed AGAIN due to expected rain. New Date Saturday April 30th.
Winter’s strength is draining away leaving a clear view of the usual areas needing cleaning. We want to use the early cleanup on March 19th to get behind the fence and in the brush at the Route 378 on and off ramps at 3rd Avenue and at the W. Union Blvd sites before the poison ivy and other plants wake up and hide the trash.

Matt Nuhfer will be the project leader for this one. We will supply the bags, vests, gloves etc and have the trash hauled away from the site. Let’s clean up these important entrances and exits from Bethlehem for the summer season. Meet at 9am at the Union Blvd and Route 378 overpass area. Wear boots, jeans and long sleeve shirts. No kids please as there is vehicle traffic at these highway entrance sites.

April 19th is also the Big Lehigh County Cleanup and this second event is part of that project as well. We hope to form teams for Fairview Park, Friendship Park and any areas you think need cleaning up here in NbNW. Let’s say 9am at the sites with more info to follow as we get closer.

Beware the Ice Dams & Deep Freeze!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Danger Will Robinson! Today’s biggest problem might be water having no place to go but in your door or over your sidewalk and in your basement. Beware the problem of covered storm drains today. Don’t think we are getting alot of rain and it’s not super warm but there is already puddling out there.

After the rain stops, the forecast calls for a real dip in temps so what was liquid will again be ice. Check those gutters and downspouts, clear a path for the water to run off if possible.

According to the Groundhog, Spring is hon the way so hang in there!

Snow – what if it sticks around?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

It’s snowing today! It’s nice to see snow on the trees and that cover of winter white. Snow must be shoveled and plowed of course so we can navigate on our block and on city streets. We are kind of lucky here in that snow usually doesn’t stick around for the winter. It usually comes and gets shoveled and melts away with the next warm spell. Well, what if we don’t get the warm spell and we keep getting snow?

When your shoveling, think for a minute about how/where you put the snow with the idea that it just might hang around and keep piling up. A few years back, I remember we kept getting pounded w snow. Seemed like some big wide streets ended up as one way streets after 3 storms as the cars kept parking further out.

If you have the ability to park your car off street, please do that so the plows can get in all the way to the curb. If not, perhaps all the neighbors on a block could work together to park on one side so the plow can do it’s work and then switch sides so they can get the other side.

Are you lucky enough to have a snowblower? Do you have any elderly neighbors on the block who might not be able to easily handle 1-3 or 3-5 or a foot? How about somebody working a couple jobs to make ends meet? If you have the ability to help them out by making a pass down and back on your block, that might be a huge help to them.

Got kids old enough to go out and shovel? Send them out to do some good deeds and send them to the movies tonight or stream something they like on Netflix as a thank you.

Enjoy the snow, stay safe using that snowblower (keep your fingers out of that thing) and take breaks if you are shoveling. Happy New Year!

Clean Team strikes again

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Saturday was a good day for a fall cleanup – not too cold yet and enough vegetation died back to get to the trash. A hearty crew of 6 friends and neighbors (Kacie Aristide, Ramon Laboy, Devin and Megan Donovan, Wade Linebaugh and Kevin Thomas) led by Megan got together to take a whack at the area under the Route 378 overpass and onramp at Union Blvd.

The leaves have been piled for pickup this week. (West Side, get on it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in this area). Trash was bagged and recycling was separated. Now the kids who walk to school this way and joggers who come through the area won’t have to dodge broken glass and other trash coming off Route 378.

This is a problem area and could certainly use yet another go at it yet this fall and another in the spring. We would like to work with the Bethlehem Backyards for Wildlife group to put in some more attractive native plantings in place of weeds etc.