Gateway Project lights up the night

Have you walked/driven down West Broad Street/3rd Avenue lately? Part 1 of the Gateway project has flipped the switch and lit up the night at this important Gateway to Bethlehem from Route 378. The acorn style streetlights have been switched on and look great.

Coming next will be some back-in angle parking which will add a few needed parking spaces as well as narrow the street a bit and hopefully slowing traffic making it easier to cross on foot.

Come spring, the last part of this phase of the project, the street trees will be planted. The forester is preparing the tree part of the project for bid over the winter with an anticipated spring planting timeline. Keep watching for those next 2 parts.

We are looking for funding to continue the lights and trees further west to 6th or possibly 8th Avenue over the next couple of years to reach the other Route 378 entrance at 8th Avenue.

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