Graffiti – DRR Document, Report Remove

If graffiti or tagging strikes your property, the key to discouraging more graffiti and tagging is to document it by taking a picture of it, reporting it to the police and removing it as soon as humanly possible.

It’s important that you get the photo and location of the graffiti or tag to the police for several reasons. If it’s a tag that is in 100 places around town and they catch the kid, it’s 100 offenses and can lead to a much stiffer penalty including jail time. Also, in case it’s gang related it’s important to get that info in so the gang task force knows about it.

If you are trying to clean brick or concrete block, I recommend Elephant Snot. It is something you paint on with a brush while wearing gloves and eye protection and then wait 15 minutes and power wash off. It is effective in removing graffiti as you can see on the wall below just after powerwashing. This company makes a range of products for different surfaces. I have used the wipes before on hard plastic and stop signs and they are also effective.

Getting rid of it as fast as possible is the key. The tag on the wall of the above photo was removed within hours of being tagged by the property owner, probably before the kid even came back to show it off.

The City removes graffiti on public property like stop signs, and in the parks. They do not automatically remove graffiti on private property.

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