Snow – what if it sticks around?

It’s snowing today! It’s nice to see snow on the trees and that cover of winter white. Snow must be shoveled and plowed of course so we can navigate on our block and on city streets. We are kind of lucky here in that snow usually doesn’t stick around for the winter. It usually comes and gets shoveled and melts away with the next warm spell. Well, what if we don’t get the warm spell and we keep getting snow?

When your shoveling, think for a minute about how/where you put the snow with the idea that it just might hang around and keep piling up. A few years back, I remember we kept getting pounded w snow. Seemed like some big wide streets ended up as one way streets after 3 storms as the cars kept parking further out.

If you have the ability to park your car off street, please do that so the plows can get in all the way to the curb. If not, perhaps all the neighbors on a block could work together to park on one side so the plow can do it’s work and then switch sides so they can get the other side.

Are you lucky enough to have a snowblower? Do you have any elderly neighbors on the block who might not be able to easily handle 1-3 or 3-5 or a foot? How about somebody working a couple jobs to make ends meet? If you have the ability to help them out by making a pass down and back on your block, that might be a huge help to them.

Got kids old enough to go out and shovel? Send them out to do some good deeds and send them to the movies tonight or stream something they like on Netflix as a thank you.

Enjoy the snow, stay safe using that snowblower (keep your fingers out of that thing) and take breaks if you are shoveling. Happy New Year!

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