Union Blvd under Rt 378

I had some time to organize files on the office PC and took a look at pictures of the West Union Blvd cleanup site under the Route 378 overpass we took prior to our first cleaning a few years back and our post-cleaning pics from early November this year. It shows what a few people determined to make a difference can do. I’ll come back and post the before/after pics here.

When we first looked at the site, it was buried in trash, tires, cans, bottles, leaves on top of concrete that had decomposed into dirt and supporting 10 ft tall trees and weeds. We have visited the site 4-5 times now and its a world of difference between when we started and today.

Sure, we will have to hit it again in the spring before the plants wake up to get all the new trash coming off Route 378 as well as what people throw out their windows as they speed down W. Union Blvd but it’s getting better each time. We have not had an army of people, just a half dozen people at a time spending a couple hours once or twice a year with gloves and rakes and bags etc. cleaning it up.

Consider getting involved in your neighborhood with a cleanup, consider cleaning out the leaves from the storm drain on your block. Clogged drains are causing problems today in the rain, what’s that going to be like when it’s snow and ice? Clogged drains could mean water in your basement. It’s easier to go out and clear that drain than call the insurance guy and put in new drywall.

Consider helping out at Movies Games & More or just going to the park and reading a book or magazine and being an adult present at Fairview, Friendship, Higbee, West Side, Rose Garden or other local park. We would like to plant and tend some plantings at Fairview Park, we would like to organize a Baggo Bean Bag Tournament Tuesday event in the park but we need your help to do all our project.

Snow season is about to hit. Consider shoveling out your elderly neighbor, consider pushing the snow off your neighbors car windows in the morning when you do your own. Have a snowblower? Would it really be that hard to go all the way down to the corner and clear the block? It’s self propelled.

Consider what a few hours can do to make a difference in your neighborhood. Each of you has unique talents, consider bringing your skills to bear to improve things right on your block.

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