Clean Team strikes again

Saturday was a good day for a fall cleanup – not too cold yet and enough vegetation died back to get to the trash. A hearty crew of 6 friends and neighbors (Kacie Aristide, Ramon Laboy, Devin and Megan Donovan, Wade Linebaugh and Kevin Thomas) led by Megan got together to take a whack at the area under the Route 378 overpass and onramp at Union Blvd.

The leaves have been piled for pickup this week. (West Side, get on it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in this area). Trash was bagged and recycling was separated. Now the kids who walk to school this way and joggers who come through the area won’t have to dodge broken glass and other trash coming off Route 378.

This is a problem area and could certainly use yet another go at it yet this fall and another in the spring. We would like to work with the Bethlehem Backyards for Wildlife group to put in some more attractive native plantings in place of weeds etc.

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